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Can I spread poison ivy by the touch?
How can I tell which leaves are poison oak?
What it urushiol oil?
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Truths and Facts about Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac.

Dear Homeowner,

Your yard is a scared place. It is where your kids play, where your pets go to explore, it is your outdoor oasis. For most, a great outdoor area comes with a lot of maintenance and hard work. While getting your space ready, you may be surprised at some different types of foliage growing in your own backyard.

This why we want to inform you about the truths of these leaves so you can protect yourself and your family...

Many believe that a poison ivy rash is contagious, and can simply spread across your body, or to others by contact. This is not actually the case. The rash can only be spread if there is urushiol oil. This oil is a sticky substance that causes rashing, and only direct contact with the oil will cause the rash to spread.

Poison sumac has 7 to 13 leaves on a branch, although poison ivy and oak have 3 leaves per cluster. There was once a saying that if you see leaves of three…let them be. But be aware that is a false statement!

You cannot catch poison ivy by simply being near the plants, however the oil can become airborne when mowing the lawn, or using a trimmer. Urushiol oil also stays active for up to 5 years on any surface this including dead plants or roots. Many believe that once the plant is dead, it is no longer a threat.   

If you do happen to catch poison oak, ivy, or sumac you may have heard that breaking the blisters can release the oils and continually spread to your body or others. This is not true, but rather your wound can become infected and can cause worse scarring. This can also lead to needing medical attention, and fluids may need to be withdrawn from a doctor.

If you are having issues with any of these plants in your yard, please give us a call at (631) 905-5403, and we can help rid you of this problem .

Keep yourself informed with the correct information to stay safe in your space. It’s the more you know!