Outdoor Furniture

Don’t forget to take care of your outdoor furniture.

The winter weather can damage your outdoor furniture. You most likely spent alot of money for your nice things, so make sure they dont get ruined. 

Shrink wrapping outside furniture for winter is a great way to preserve them, and make sure the elements dont get the best of them. This includes, patio sets, BBQ, playsets, etc. Our wrap is UV and weather proof, rain repels right off, so you know your belongings are well protected.

You can do this yourself, but why risk your expensive things when you can have it professionally done, and with high quality inexpensive materials. Let us handle this for you, so you know that when the time comes to enjoy the warmer weather, everything is just as you remembered it! 

If you need assistance, please give us a call at (631) 905-5403 .