Power-Wash Services by Perry’s Home Services

If you’ve never had a pro use a power washer for heavy-duty
cleaning around your home, you don’t know what you’re missing.
But you can find out, for as little as $150, if you call us now!

There is no surface too hard for Perry’s power-wash.

Dear Homeowner,
You can’t rely on the rain,  or a scrub brush and hot soapy water, or even a garden hose on “full power” to help you remove ground-in dirt and other stubborn “crud” that continues to build up on various horizontal and vertical surfaces around your home.

You need a Perry’s Home Services Inc. pro with one of our heavy-duty power washers and the know-how to use it effectively without damaging fragile surfaces.

With pricing as low as $150 per visit, our pro can:

• Power-wash your home’s siding or other outer surfaces
• Power-wash hard-to-reach upper windows
• Power-wash your basement’s cement floor
• Power-wash your patio, benches, outdoor play apparatus
• Power-wash your wooden deck, porch, gazebo, tree house
• Power-wash your driveway, sidewalks, exterior steps
• Power-wash your garage floor, bicycles, wagons, ladders
• Power-wash the bottom and sides of your pool (when drained)
• Power-wash your pool deck, diving board, outdoor furniture
• Power-wash the exterior of your car, RV, truck, motorcycle
• Power-wash your garbage cans, storage shed, outdoor tools
• Power-wash your fences, gates, gutters, screen doors, railings
• Power-wash whatever else needs to be safely and effectively power-washed!

Depending on what you’d like us to do, prices start at just $150. For a free estimate or to schedule a visit, phone us at (631) 905-5403.