Ready for Winter

Winter is coming, have you taken the necessary steps to be ready for it?

Here are just a few things that can help.

Replacing windows and doors can be a huge help this winter. It can help you to stay warm, and also to save money. Windows and doors can often let in drafts, and let cold air in, and warm air out. We can come evaluate your existing windows and doors, and recommend solutions to help improve efficiency. Older windows may not have the highest standard in glass,  and also may not have proper weather stripping. Existing doors can be updated and installed with new weather stripping, if total replacement isn’t for you. 

Pipes in your home also need protection during the winter. They need to be properly insulated so they don’t freeze up, and cause you with unwanted leaking or pipe bursting issues.

Irrigation systems need to be winterized as well, so they also don’t freeze up and cause a problem next season.

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